Full Spectrum FPGA and SoC based Design Services


About Us

DIGITEK Engineering is a well-established Electronic Design Company in Karachi, Pakistan. We are an export-oriented company committing well reputed USA based communication companies as its clients, through its USA Intermediaries.

What We Do

Full FPGA and SoC based system design and development services are provided for Communication, Networking and High Performance Computing Hardware. This includes full turnkey hardware board design services, IP (Intellectual Property) Cores design and development, and fully customizable embedded firmware solutions.

With capable and experienced professionals at work, we strive to do highly advanced and sophisticated level of design work in Pakistan. We are also dedicated to develop human resources in Pakistan to work on leading edge FPGAs and high-speed boards using state of the art tools.

Our Partner

We exclusively provide complementary services to our partner company: Hitek Systems LLC. We work in tandem with Hitek Systems to serve a vast customer base in the US. Hitek Systems LLC has a broad portfolio of products and services that can be explored by visiting their website: www.hiteksys.com